How To Sell Photos Online And Make Money - Top 10 Paid Photography Websites

hello everyone and welcome to modern survivalist have yourself a nice camera and an eye known for capturing the captivating good because you can make some serious cash taking those pictures no lie many sites will even pay you over $100 per photo and that my friends is a real. I will be detailing ten of the best

websites that paid for its photography has to offer so dust off those lenses get your hiking boots and get ready for modern survivalists top 10 paid photography websites

Atilla royalties on Fotolia are pretty high ranging from twenty to forty six percent you also have quite a lot of people signed up here on the site with over 4 million people ready to buy your photos not to mention it's ran by creative Giants Adobe once you sell anything on the site your account is immediately credited which is then paid out every month
Fine Art America

This site is a marketplace where you can sell physical copies of your photos in various forms things like canvas prints posters cards and more can all be printed here for $30 a year you can upload all of your photos and sell them on your own provided website there is also a free option albeit stripped of many of these premium features

here you can get a free account upload your images to the site and get up to 70% per each image license you sell you also have the option to sell your images as exclusives as well as non exclusives images from 500px are often seen being used by large companies in websites and in print so you can rest easy knowing that your images have a corporate audience ready to purchase them

with this site you subscribe to their premium membership program for $12.50 per month and 85% royalties on everything you sell sadly there is no free option here though one of the best features of SmugMug is that you set your own prices this is obviously a very alluring feature for enterprising photographers

this is the most well-known stock photography website out there and you can earn up to one hundred and twenty dollars per image download also for those of you out there who feel you can recruit other photographers for shutterstock there is a referral program where after your referee joins you earn a percentage of all of their sales
I stock 

royalties on your photos here range anywhere from fifteen to forty five percent depending on the popularity of your photos you can however sign up for an exclusivity agreement with I stock increasing your earnings to twenty two to forty five percent there are also plenty of resources and forums here for beginners making it an excellent place to start for all of you novice photographers out there

this site pays if you can upload to their site in large quantities photographers that upload less than two hundred and fifty images you will make only thirty percent whereas if you upload a million images or more you will make sixty percent so simply the more you upload the more you'll make with 123RF
can stock photo 

here you can make up to 50 percent royalties per photos sold  you will however have to undergo an account approval process this entails you submitting three images for approval once approved you are free to upload as many images as you like
dreams time 

dreams time has a pretty rigorous vetting process for each photo submitted to their site to guarantee quality regular royalties are anywhere from twenty five to fifty percent but increase to 60% if you sign an exclusivity agreement with dreams time in addition to this royalty increase you will also get 20 cents per approved image
big stock 

sign up that big stock take their tutorial and begin uploading your photos again this is a very particular website with a quality review process for each individual photo royalties here are 30 percent however earnings can change if your images are bought with their in-house currency okay that about does it for this episode if you are looking for some pointers or where to start with your photography

I think it's really simple take your camera anywhere you think is going to be interesting outdoors concerts festivals museums sporting events everywhere you're never going to need to remember your camera at home so just be sure to bring your camera with you whenever you're out having fun this way you will have the most interesting things that

can be seen captured for your portfolio alright everybody make sure you're subscribed right here to modern survivalist for all things online earning and modern survival for your convenience you can find all of the websites featured in this episode linked conveniently in the description below if you have any questions or comments

please leave them in the comments below I would absolutely love to hear what you have to say also if you would like

Jika hidup mu blur, maka putar lah lensa mu ke arah fokus

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